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Why businesses choose to hire Ruby on Rails developers?

Anatoli Liotych, CTO @ Cybergizer
In the dynamic world of web development, Ruby on Rails has emerged as a standout choice for programmers and companies worldwide. Built on the foundation of the Ruby programming language, this framework presents an efficient ecosystem for crafting high-performance web applications.

But what makes RoR so appealing across various industries, from social media platforms to online marketplaces? Let's explore key benefits of hiring Ruby on Rails developers.

One of the features of RoR is its ability to streamline development processes, ultimately saving both time and money. This efficiency is owed to its repository of ready-to-use components, commonly referred to as "gems," which alleviate the need to write code from scratch. Also websites made with Rails are usually simpler to update and fix.

If you hire Ruby on Rails developers, they can swiftly set up and commence work on new projects. These results in lower costs and faster time-to-market for projects.

High data protection
Ruby on Rails is considered one of the safest development environments.
It’s possible due to Ruby on Rails' commitment to security through regular audits, built-in security features like protection against CSRF and XSS, active community involvement, promotion of best practices, adherence to secure coding conventions make it a trusted and secure environment for web applications.

Community support
The vast Ruby on Rails community provides access to a wealth of resources, including free open-source libraries, tools, tutorials. It provides a wealth of ready-made solutions like gems, sharing updates on latest web engineering and best practices. Collaborative support is important in speeding up development, helps to overcome challenges, drive innovation in projects.

This support network reduces the need for costly proprietary solutions and consulting services.

Overall, the cost-effectiveness of hiring Ruby on Rails developers lies in this framework’s ability to streamline programming, reduce maintenance overhead, and provide scalable solutions at a lower overall cost compared to many other web development frameworks.

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